To you, edition 5.5

Five years, five months.
My sweet kindergarten boy! Years from now you’ll hate that reference, but understand it’s nothing indicative of your machismo. Nope, you are all male, all the time.

King of the over talk, you are living up to your name’s meaning: warrior. Sometimes you’re so adamant about making your point – opinion – heard, that you don’t pause enough to listen to anyone else. It’s been hard to impress upon you the “rules of engagement” – that we value your thoughts and concerns, but must also guide you with our self-proclaimed parental wisdom. I want you to continue to process your world and how it works – – to contemplate ideas and develop ingenuity, but sometimes you’ve got to hold all that knowledge you’ve garnished and be silent. You can’t share every secret you hold.wpid-IMG_1490456453289.jpeg

I should apologize to you. Still a baby when I wed, you have felt far greater displacement than your siblings. You’ve done well in coping – – in finding a comfortable position in this new household structure. I watch you in awe as you volunteer yourself for big brother duties. Your watchful eye, your concern is evident. You’ve rescued her, protected her, and (most important) loved her.

wpid-IMG_79398207825588.jpegAnd my handsome son, I find it so special that you still crave a good cuddle. Sitting close and watching TV, or just claiming a seat nearest mine at dinner, you are devoted. And I know sometimes I’m moving too much, feeling overwhelmed by “must-dos” and deadlines. I’ve got to pause, relish in this bond-strengthening time we have left. The next few years will rush past and then you’ll have grown away from needing Mommy. I don’t want to miss a moment.

You’re not what one might consider an eager student – – at least not in traditional school. You are distracted, mobile, curious, verbally inquisitive. In exploratory learning – that which is hands on, outdoor, visually stimulating – you thrive. I hope beyond hopes you develop a tolerance for the classroom and eventually, crave the experience.

You are amazing. Always know that you are destined to be great. Even when they predict the worst, you will prove naysayers wrong.

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