Giraffe obsessed? Yes.

Zulilly has this awesome search feature for finding specific things – you know, types of clothing, a particular vendor, or a theme… And, because they sent me an e-mail advertising their featured vendors that including Little Giraffe, I thought, ‘I’ll check in and see what they’ve got.’ Ri’s a little beyond the stuff that particular featured store offers, but I got ambitious and decided I simply must look up all things giraffe just in case there was something I need acquire for my **ahem** Ri’s collection.

I found these:

IMG0210webSwoon. One pair left in her theoretical size… except her feet are particular. They probably won’t fit, and they’re not returnable. Splurge anyway? Dilemma!!!

Truth is, Ri doesn’t exactly gallivant about town showing off her wardrobe. And as a new walker, she’s brutal on shoes if she even succumbs to wearing them. So, I wont indulge in this purchase.

But any other giraffe item? Well, I make no promises. Someday Ri will have a room to display her collection. I had bunnies. Chi has… well, I’m not sure what she collects – Littlest Pet Shop, maybe, or those puff stuffed creatures with big eyes.

I might be a little obsessed.

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