Best Face of 2013

There are thousands of photos from 2013… with a new baby and our building immersion in boutique modeling, I’m always snapping shots. Most have been posed photo shoots, planned out meticulously from wardrobe to location. But I can never control what happens once the kids are “on set.” Ri, for example, usually walks off set when she’s had enough. Before that, she’d crawl or bawl for freedom from the camera. The others either downright refuse to participate or put up such resistance to my directives that I quickly grow too frustrated to involve them further. They’ve each had their day, and I know that part of getting the shot comes from letting them be individuals – leaders of their own ebb and flow of the moment. And the greatest captures always seem to come when my kids are being (draw in breathe for suspense, exhale) kids.

So when it comes down to picking just one picture that I think is the “best” face from my entire 2013 archive, I’m troubled. No. Make that overwhelmed. No one in this family lacks personality. It shines through regardless of how I force the photo and inhibit their natural expressive tendencies. So, I’m just picking one of my favorite pictures and saying, yeah, it was a great moment.

ce smile web
Submitted to IheartFacesBest Face of 2013.”

Has it really been FIVE years? My goodness, I still remember happening upon iheartfaces when the contests were weekly. I used to sit up at midnight waiting on the linky to go live so I could be one of the first to post – thereby earning the most visits to look at my little blog. I’d relish in checking back throughout the day for new entries- in stolen moments between teaching a lesson at work. So many beautiful people have shared with me since then – we’ve shared births, deaths, moves, triumphs and tragedies in our pictures and words. I’ve love what iheartfaces has given me, this community of sharing and passionate people.

Thank you for keeping it going! Happy birthday!

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  1. Jeanna Marie K says:

    What a sweetheart! <3

  2. So cute and colorful! She looks so happy!

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