Fourteen for 14


I’ve never been good at resolutions… or, rather, I should say I’m not too good when it comes to follow through with my own projects or interests. Maybe it’s why I can’t really swim. I prefer to dip my toes in the water, but full immersion is a BIG no. I’m much more of a dabbler, and that’s probably not a good thing.

But I’ll make a list – an effort to articulate what I dream I’ll do in 2014. And maybe, if someone else is holding me accountable, I might accomplish more than if I go it alone.

My Fourteen for 14
1. Trust in God and listen for Him, to Him. This means PRAY. Believe. Read.
2. Read at least four books of personal interest. And no, self-help does not count here.
3. Spend more time involved – in my children’s schooling and in building their dreams.
4. Practice shooting in manual. Avoid the green box crutch. Not all the time, mind you, but on little projects here and there.
5. Be more assertive. This passive-aggressive, devil-in-print me needs to bow out. A more vocal, more pitch-positive me needs to step up. Maybe then my business dreams will be realized?
6. Seek publication. Seek opportunities. Seek exposure with exposures.
7. Get right with my extended family. Life’s too abruptly changed to allow distance (physical, circumstantial, whatever) to separate.
8. Rejuvenate. Carve out a time for me – just me.
9. Create a budget. Stick to it. Financial savvy is a must this year.
10. Worry less, allow life to happen. Is that a contradiction?
11. Get back into blogging, scrapping – anything to record my family history. They appreciate the efforts, the stories, the love poured into documenting us.
12. Investigate relocation. Where to go. How to get there. How to pay for it. How to grow better roots.
13. Plan and execute at least three personal photography projects.
14. Be positive.

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  1. hello Rachelle….

    such an inspiring list….
    there’s power in writing things down…. at least for me… it’s pretty amazing…..

    so happy you decided to join in….and I wish you so much goodness in 2014…..

    xo, Kim

  2. We are so instrumental to our children’s dreams, so good that is one of your fourteen 🙂

  3. I love your list and #1 is the best start!

  4. Great list, Rachelle, wishing you all the best for 2014 !
    Nice weekend,

  5. love your list!

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