First 52: Happy Birthday Cinco!

This is so late! Right now, you are already on the verge of 13 months old! But, let’s recap anyway (because, as you’ve learned, Mama is often late with things).
IMG0741wm web

Before your first birthday, you became a model!

IMG0790webThis year, with a photo of you at just three days old, you began your career as a print model in Model Life magazine’s TIME issue.
You clinched a cover spot in August for Shining Faces Children’s Magazine. You’ve appeared in almost every issue since.
Your pictures appeared in several issues of Sparkle Bebe Model Magazine as a weekly contest winner.
You were #37 in the 50 Most Beautiful Angels edition of Angels in Glitter magazine (big sister Chi was #18).
You are a multi-month featured child for the 2014 Shining Faces Children’s Magazine calendar.
You were chosen as the “I Model for My State” representative for Washington, D.C. in Pose modeling magazine’s holiday issue.
You were featured in the 2013 Holiday issue of Model Life magazine.

Kirin and you – not a pair for all time

I tried really hard to come up with a concept for your monthly baby photo… Or rather, a concept I thought was pretty adorable popped into my head and I ran with it. As Cinco, you didn’t get the fortune of having your own room, but I accessorized you as though you did. (Sorry, hubs, I am still learning restraint.) My favorite animal – the giraffe – was to be your “thing.” Dad won you a Mom-sized giraffe stuffed animal (who spent much of last year living in our tub!). I picked up a giraffe here and a giraffe there while meandering through various stores and while online shopping. Kirin, your little anime giraffe, came with a mint green blanket shortly before you were born and he was to be your featured friend in each month’s photo. You, however, decided that was not to be. And by month 10, Dad declared “She’s outgrown Kirin.” Oh, well.

Walking this way

It happened like this: we sat in the small bedroom of Grandma Jean’s apartment. We’d been there for hours watching syndicated television and cringing as stomachs cried out for sustenance. Uncle arrived and flipped to the Cowboys game. Attention was riveted to tackles and fumbles. And then as they hollered, you realized no one was watching you fiddling with a well-loved toy. You stood up, teetering momentarily, and took a timid step. Half a dozen quick steps followed before you stopped, having reached the living room. We cheered – for you this time – and you smiled. A week later, you were master of the power walk. And now? You run!
walker web

Santa’s baby

santa #2Last year, Mommy was in the hospital for much of the time leading up to Christmas. We didn’t have much opportunity to enjoy our traditions of making ornaments, having breakfast with Santa, or even getting into the retail chaos (though I’m not sure I missed that last activity). This year, however, you met with two Santa stand-ins and completed a salt dough ornament (after sabotaging – or maybe, embellishing – your sibling’s work).


RiAnne 1st bday shoot web Your snorting, baying laugh is just odd enough to be cute despite Daddy’s best efforts to eliminate it. Scrunched nose, inhaled breath, squeezed shut eyes – – all are signs you are, indeed, Mama’s child.

Your favorite person continues to be your “Waldo.” Let him walk past our bedroom and you spot him without fail, stopping whatever you are doing and whimpering until he scoops you up. The two of you always pause in the doorway, and you open and close your fist in a wave before snatching your whole arm to your chest, lest I try to retrieve you from him. He lets you “play” with his wrestling men, if gnawing on their heads is considered play. He lets you play games and listen to music on his phone and tablet. And when you grow tired, he holds you close and rocks you to sleep (often joining you in a nap with arms protectively wrapped around you). In every way he loves you, and you clearly love him, too.

A side note: Fake food needs a disclaimer for you. If left holding one of my props for any length of time, you never fail to sample a taste. Those razor sharp teeth have left many a mark!

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