Coming to a mail box for YOU

It’s that time of year again – – time to peruse the shelves for Christmas and New Years cards with sweet sentiments some poetic person penned for a major card company.  As with most years, I’ll shuffle through many lovely cards in search of one with a little pizazz – you know, glitter or lace for mom, or something with a little funny for Dad and my brothers.  Grandparents and other close relatives will also get a card, but it’s usually from a boxed set with a generic statement of love and blessings.  And yet, no matter how nice the card looks or how right on; the sentiment, I know these wont be the cards cherished and kept past the season.

Dilemma: do I invest in these temporary tokens, tuck in a loose photo before mailing, and accept that the cards will be tossed with the used wrapping paper? Or should I get ambitious and make my own cards?

I’ve created our holiday cards before – pondered over which family photo (or combination of individual photos) to include, and then picked from a small selection of cards available.  A few adjustments of the text, a color or font swap, and viola! Total possible customizations complete.

This year, I’ve found a new card company; or rather, it found me.  Enter – a fantabulous site with CHOICE.
Mint’s statement says it offers “the best in indie design from a global community of independent designers.” And that’s the truth. I spent a lot of time selecting a card, calling for second (and third) opinion, and then seeing something even more appealing to add to the considerations.


minted2Luckily, Minted keeps a record of recently viewed cards, so I could go back and review my options.minted1

I’m sort of smitten with a card called “Complete Love,” which won a design award on the site. Honestly, I was in love with the basic card. But there were options to customize it! Shapes for the card. Card stock (hello, pearlescent!). I can even add a custom backer or interior to include more photos and a longer message.

Then there are the mini book cards. Reminiscent of my wedding magazine, these little square multipage cards are the perfect little mailing that doubles as a once a year gift that I think my family will read and display year round. BONUS?

minted4 I’ve not put the finishing touches on my card project just yet, but when I do, I’ll get a digital proof that’s already been reviewed by Minted staff. Breathe and relax, no stupid mistake is going to ruin my perfect Christmas card (like when I forgot to make an adjustment to the YEAR on a previously ordered card from another company).
I think I just might be sold on the Minted customer service model.minted5

Unlike previous years, I’m not spoiling the surprise on this card, but I assure you it’s one you’ll want to keep.

Oh, and if you decide to make your own? You might want to check out yourself. There’s a 15 percent off coupon and free shipping on the site right now.

Or better yet, tell my husband I want him to send foiled card customized for me and our important ladies for Mother’s Day. If you hint about it now, he might just do it.

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