Rewind and return

Yesterday,  he walked into our room.
He settled his small frame against the foot of my side of the bed.
Hubs said “hi,” acknowledging his entry. 
He did not reply.
“Hi, mom,” he said, emphasizing my name far more than I think he intended.
I could feel hubs tense. He slumped a bit where he was seated to my right. He drew in a slow breathe.
Something in me tightened.
Again, the line between “us” and “them” had been drawn.
I snapped a response – not the “Hi, baby!” he expected.
“Whoa! There are other people in this room besides me. Dad said hello. You need to step out and try this again.”
He backed out quickly, surprised and stunned.
“Hi, Rob. Hi, RiAnne,” He said timidly from the hallway, no doubt knowing that using hub’s first name was further emphasizing his day’s distain for him. Something must’ve occurred in the hours between my heading off to work and Ya being walked to the bus stop. Something always happens. Some snub, some lethargic slowness, some defiance that I’d likely overlook were it against me.
It never ceases.
My two Virgos, duking it out regularly. They should know my heart is big enough for both. Neither one has a standing that is threatened by the other.
When does the peace begin?

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