Winding around

I should never complain. I’ve been blessed with three beautiful babies of my own and gifted two more through marriage. Their early morning rousing, replete with whispers heard quite clearly in the once quite dawn, their giggles and the uncontrolled pangs of laughter wake me from my sleep. The youngest, still a nursling,  babbles incessantly lately – even when resting she’s chattering.

But as the second full month of my vacation from formal teaching begins, I’m feeling worn down.  My youngest son, just shy of five, rattles off questions like a quiz show host.   Chi wondered at my ability to answer even the most random of interrogation.  Truthfully, I’m getting pretty good at guessing.  Heaven help my kids if ever they’re called upon to answer some trivia and all they’ve recalled is my reply!

They’re feeling quite cooped up despite daily outings to parks, the libraries, and scenic spots I’ve surveyed for photographic potential. If indoors – whether a store or home – the bickering begins without fail. Tired of siblings, they crave time alone or with the few neighborhood friends they’ve made. Squabbles break out frequently amongst the four.

My nerves are wound up tightly. It’s not easy and relief is short. I wonder if they’ll remember their summer fondly. Will they treasure the moments of peace, of adventure? Will we all be grateful for the school year or miss the freedom of our break? I must unwind, pause to relish in these brief childhoods before independence.


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