First 52: 33 weeks

She wakes with a furrowed brow. She blinks and rubs her eyes, pans around for bodies. Heat seeking phalanges spread in exploration. How could anyone dare to leave her alone in sleep!

In the restaurants, we’ve abandoned the car seat carrier in favor of high chairs. If not strapped in tight, it takes mere moments for her to spin around and stand, sometimes pounding on the table and squealing happily, sometimes trying to crawl closer to an unmonitored plate or cup.


She slurps up liquids from a straw, though sometimes she blows bubbles with a mischievous grin. She chews (without teeth). She begs for samples of everything, opening her mouth like a baby bird and chirping for a bite. Eggs, potatoes, chicken, meatballs, soup, corn… she’s tried the staples of our diet and then some.


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