First 52: weeks 26 + 27

“I was playing with the baby. Its not your turn!” It’s a rant I hear often as your siblings seek to steal away your attention.

Drafting this was hard.  As I write, your busy hand reach for my envelop-turned-notepad.  You will no doubt eat the paper should you get a hold on it.  You’re on my lap, or rather,  between outstretched legs, flipping from one position to the next. You have begun the steps to crawling, lifting up to your knees, yet you seem to prefer pulling up to semi standing with ever-moving hands. Rarely are you content with mere sitting.

You give kisses — long, wet smooches as you hold firm to hair or ears to steady your intended recipient. It’s one of those mastered showings of affection we most love.

You are 27 weeks old.


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