Beyond the Fence

Summer is an incredible opportunity to discover the great outdoors with your favorite animals. Dog Fence DIY encourages exploration beyond the fence!


We live in a dog “un-friendly” neighborhood. While it seems like every one of the townhouses that surround us has a furry family member, neighbors really aren’t that into canine communes. Nevertheless, in the quiet of early evening, the many prized pooches can be heard bellowing to one another a la ‘101 Dalmatians’ from house to house.

Nero is lucky. He’s one of the few dogs with a fenced in yard. In good weather, he can explore the small area free of the confines of his leash and harness. He can jump, run, sun bathe without a care. But it’s a luxury that most others aren’t afforded.

Venture outside in that golden hour just before sunset, and the sidewalks and grassy common areas are replete with dogs of every breed, size, color, and age. We dog people – as vilified as we are in every Home Owner’s Association memo and newsletter – are tenacious about our pets. We tote bags in our pockets – some to pick up after “the business,” some to pack away little doggy treats from our people-only visits to local restaurants. We plan whole family escapes to “pets welcome” establishments and locations with open spaces and slow moving vehicles (or reduced traffic volume). Often it takes a little more planning (and sometimes additional deposits or fees) to include our furry son, but for long trips it sure beats kenneling.

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