Acknowledging the blessings

I think I mentioned before that Ri had taken quickly to boutique modeling and is somewhat in demand for her ability to sell products. I always thought it was impressive when a catalog model or runway diva had me wanting to look just like that in that – – especially when we all know I have not got the figure or the height to look even remotely similar if I had the means to duplicate the whole wardrobe. Well, it seems that as far as baby wear is concerned, people go “ga-ga” over how something looks when it’s on a real baby. {I admit it, I was a baby prop and product buying fool when I was expecting.}

At first, I was taken aback when I saw a picture of my baby in auctions and advertisements. Now, she’s featured in several places and I find myself highlighting her gigs to our family and friends. Mind you, most of the stuff she models is far too pageantry and not really practical for our daily here and there, but it’s fabulous dress up attire and accessories and is perfect for special occasion photos.

Chi, or LaChi as she’s decided to be in her modeling pursuits, has entered that middle age boutiques don’t cater to. Sizes seem to stop at 6 – that age when kids are still cute by the very virtue of their limited lifetime. She’s matured, experienced things, and it gives her a story that sneaks into her photo shoots in often unintentional, momentary expressions. They’re little flickers giving light to her guarded, private thoughts.

There’s no doubt that she’s a beautiful young lady. Her figure has all but lost the childhood androgyny. Her bright eyes and heavy lidded lashes continue to hold attention. And her smile – especially when she relaxes and is truly smiling and her nose scrunches on the sides – is amazing.

She’s studied lighting on-location, battling wind and waning sun while balancing a reflector on my clients. She knows gold from silver, warmth for effect and piercing white for emphasis. She assists with my sessions for a single scoop serving of party cake ice cream (though I suspect that for her, like me, it’s the undivided time with mom sharing something we enjoy that she considers the reward).

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