SWF: Woman (thou art is loosed)

(Mom’s musing)

She waits. Protection wrapped in blue
tucked away for when trouble comes.
Or, maybe that’s not what’s coming.
Perhaps we’ll call it future’s hope.
Without her rite beginning, there’s none.
A passage coming in due time.
Then, monthly revisiting her. A reminder.
When you are ready, child, then
you’ll have your own. She inquires.
Does it hurt? Will they know?
I calm her fears, reassure her
this flow of womanhood is natural.
She sits centered on the bridge
between the years of carefree youth
and those that follow with concerns.

She learned it’s not always fair,
this life she’s been blessed with.
And she knows to follow her
own heart, as God speaks through.

When this river of red commences,
she’ll become something beyond herself. Amazing.
With this unwanted guest comes promise.
Her female form might one day
be full with another’s life beginning.
(Or, perhaps, it wont be carried
beneath her heart, but within it.)
She’s ready for this new thing –
red badge of courage thrust forth.
My child always, but growing fast.
Mommy’s sweet babe accepting her release.

(My dear sweet little girl, you are prepared. Be confident that this feared thing – this haunting cycle – is nothing to fret about. It comes and goes, and you thrive regardless. You are unstoppable. You are amazing. You are ready.)

** Inspired by Six Word Fridays topic “mom.”

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