SWF: May I inform you, your legacy sucks

On my child’s teacher, who is teaching her to hate school but love education beyond it.

May I inquire, please, as to
why my usually inquisitive bright, and
bubbly child no longer enjoys school?
Not the learning, that she craves,
but she’s seeking solace beyond your
classroom. It’s no longer welcoming her
in – she feels imprisoned and persecuted.
Contrary to your pass-the-buck
reply, home is not the problem.
We’re working on serenity through compromise
and melding our opinions on sanctuary
to include seven distinct opinions.
You’ve chosen to attack my child
to belittle her efforts to create.
To achieve. And it’s unacceptable.
She should not escape in tears,
should not fain ill to avoid
your wrath. I’ve seen your berating
nature in action and should’ve stopped
you then. My child is not
your means to release your stress.
(Nor should anyone else’s be, period.)
You were entrusted to inspire knowledge,
to foster a love already growing
for education and all that offers.
Instead, you are crushing her spirit
(and likely others you come across).
I pray you realize your impact
soon – positive and negative – isn’t quickly
erased (if ever). She’ll move forward
in spite of you, perhaps to
spite you. But may I inform
you now, your blindness to concern
will (unfortunately) shape her future visions
of what a teacher should and
should not be. It’s your legacy.

** Sharing with Six Word Fridays. This weeks word is “may.”

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