Here we go, here we go now. Get busy.

5/6/13 – – Today, I found this:

it was a dream
by Lucille Clifton

in which my greater self
rose up before me
accusing me of my life
with her extra finger
whirling in a gyre of rage
at what my days had come to.
i pleaded with her, could i do,
oh what could i have done?
and she twisted her wild hair
and sparked her wild eyes
and screamed as long as
i could hear her
This. This. This.

It’s part of a graduation poem collection from It speaks to me. I’m hearing the calling more and more. This morning, I read a quote on Facebook:

“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” – – John Irving

Again, it spoke to me. I’m seeking the courage to pursue something I’ve been dabbling in too long. I need to focus – to hone my craft – to delve deeply into the core of photography. I need to get serious. More serious than I’ve ever been about growing a business out of a hobby. I need to live my passion, satisfy my desires. I need to act.

I was told the same on Thursday, something to the effect of “God’s given you a gift. You need to use it.” I think I might be wasting time…

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