Honesty is NOT the best policy

Countless times I have watched professional people
prove that rules are malleable, bendable things.
Nothing in writing actually is interpreted word for word
each line of type is jumbled, distorted, flipped;
dyslexia of the policies, I’d call it.
Those who try to follow flexing lines often stumble.
Especially if there’s no authority holding out a hand of help.
Not part of the club? Watch out.
Saturn is pictured on your back.
Expendable, replaceable, the spherical target shows.
Honesty is not the best policy when you’re the only one with truth.
Play the game crooked, straight guarantees your loss.
Hide the cards wherever you can, pull them when you must.
The rules? Meant to be broken – – or rather, are already broke.
I’ve learned that kindergarten rules of fair play and niceties
no longer stick like the paste of yesteryear.
Take note: the teacher has been taught.
To protect yourself, you must omit integrity as an attribute.
It’s obsolete like that extra comma before and.

(c)2013, Rachelle J S

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