The first year: rock *PAPER* scissors

525,600 minutes in this journey as one.
This first year, they say, is the rockiest.
Expect some mud slides
as you trudge the hills of compromise on rainy days
(and there will be many).
Don’t go to bed angry, don’t sleep on frustration.
Throwing words like rocks is never the answer.
Hash out those problems.
Kiss. Make up.
Isn’t making up supposed to be the best?
If you must shout, shout “I love you!”
Carry scissors around with you.
Carve out time from busy schedules for romance.
Or, for chill time.
Or even just to breathe in synchronicity.
Cut out negativity.
(Ignore that ever-present urge to nag about the floor covered in discarded clothes
and other such annoyances).
Write love notes on receipts.
Leave slips of paper close by to jot appreciation.
Paper the walls with reminders of your affection.
Cover those rocks with transformed trees
declaring in scripted scrawl: “We made it through our first year.”
Here’s to a hundred more celebrated one minute at a time.
established 03.17.12

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