SWF: A “fine” time

By the time you read this
I will be away from you;
Back at work, long days ensue –
my heart greatly aching from missing you…

Fine line walked as working mom:
Not worried about your tender care
Daddy’ll keep you close and safe,
while Mommy longs to be there.

just a few hours each day
yet by necessity, if not mandate
precious time slips away from us.

From newly born to eight weeks,
each moment you’ve changed minutely more
and every day’s filled with discovery.

Promise me you’ll save some change?

I’ll be patiently biding my time
‘Til summer break frees daytime hours
when soon again I’m merely “mom.”

(Taking solace in times’ swift passing?)

All will be fine, I know.
Relish in memory’s strength. Remember, repeat:
We sometimes must part to grow…

Inspired by Six Word Friday‘s topic: fine.

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  1. yes how true and it sure does take a lot of “stuff” for these little ones!!

  2. Love the onesie. It’s hard to be away from our children, yet, there is comfort in knowing Daddy will be nurturing them.

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