tomorrow can wait

My neck grows increasingly more sore as I sit sipping my coffee. Ri is resting half in, half out of her cocoon carrier. Her pacifier is still – a mere space holder in her mouth. Her tiny hand holds my coat, having wiggled from the confines of her mittens.

She’s almost too big for her pink bunny sack jacket. Her ultra soft red one-piece is a bit snug; I’m certain she could break out of it with one good sneeze. Her hair, still in defiant curls and wayward cow licks, has grown long. And her once-porcelain skin has a tawny-hued glow.

This Monday morning is our last all alone before my required return to work. I’ve avoided the real world and its obligations, but can no longer prolong the inevitable.

But today I am savoring the simplicity. The children are at their schools. The hubs is stationed at work. I’ve no real time constraints for several hours. The household chores have been managed.

And what isn’t done? There’s always tomorrow. Today, it is about snuggling with my sweet youngest. She will never be like this again and time is continuing to speed past.

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