SWF: New

He’s wondered aloud on several occassions
“Will you still be my mommy?”
With the new baby, he’s moved
(we’d say up in sibling rank;
he, however, simply feels somewhat displaced).

Yes, I’ll always be your mommy,
and you’ll always be my baby
But he’s been quite skeptical lately.
Surely his new sister is replacing?

He’s learning to be big brother,
and the curve is somewhat steep.
Relinquish the claim to youngest child,
grow up, mature, and help out.
A lot to handle at four.

And so he lingers on goodnights.
Returns too many times for kisses
and hugs tighter than ever before.
He proclaims at top lung force
“I’ll love you forever and ever,”
and I melt more each time.

Yes, we’ve added another to “ours,”
but we’ve not removed a one.
Each child we’ve been entrusted with
is a special part of “us.”

Shared with Six Word Fridays.

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  1. He is soo darling!!

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