SWF: Handle

I can handle it, I know
A woman is a natural mother…
No handbook? No class? No problem.

Except, sometimes… I falter, I fail.
There is doubt, there is regret – –
not of having children (never that) – –
but of making choices seen wrong,
not being perfect the first time.

Infallible? Not possible, I’m only human.
I apologize to my sweet babies,
learn from mistakes and push forward.
Hands toward heaven, head bowed down – –
I ask for guidance in prayer.

Motherhood is never a mastered art,
but I am inspired by love.

***Handle with care, it’s the kid warning label 🙂 Six Word Fridays

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  1. ‘never mastered art’ – so true! …yet, with all our foibles, we always do seem to find a way to handle it!

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