SWF: a mother’s lift

Day six of sweatpants and tees
Hair disheveled, in an unkempt pony
eyes heavy lidded, carrying extra baggage.
Don’t dare catch the mirror’s gaze.
And merely smile when the ‘concerned’
Impolitely declare “you look real tired.”

Need a bit of a lift —
Something to get me back again
(Except the smell of motherhood looms).
I’ve given up on changing shirts
With each meal comes overflow release.
Wipes, my new Monk-like resource.
Sanitizer a very close held friend.

Shower? Sure, if baby finally sleeps.
Allow water’s stream to soothe me,
But respite is cut too short.
Cries beckon me out into cold
Hurriedly dress and answer the calls.
Distinguishing octaves with expert mommy instinct
Change, feed, burp, and then cuddle.
The last, my favorite, savor-worthy response

Baby’s breathe brushing against my skin
Tiny hands extend, explore, find mine
Legs fold neatly into my lap
Spirits rise as eyes meet mine.

*shared with Six Word Fridays

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  1. It’s the lift that comes with that sweet baby’s breath and cuddle that makes it all worth it! This captures those first days and weeks so perfectly.

  2. Ah, this is the new addition to your family! Congratulations. Those precious moments that occur in those first bleary-eyed months, don’t let them get away.

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