SWF: Rest {on Wisdom}

In her arms, you are still.
Just days from the womb, new.
Eighty-seven years separate you from her,
great grandmother and newest grandbaby together.
I’ll always cherish this simple image –
not at all perfect, but wonderful.
Her, replete with wisdom of decades
and you, with life abundant ahead.
I cannot wait to watch you
learning from tales she will share.
But for now, you will rest.
Delicate and small, you are held,
by wrinkled hands with immeasurable experience.
With tenderness she speaks to you
and begins to pass her secrets.
You’ll not remember the words said,
but you will know the love.

*Inspired by the 12.28.12 Six Word Fridays “rest” theme.

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  1. That was beautiful!

  2. Rachelle,
    What a treasure.


  3. That sweet, calm baby in those wrinkled, loving hands. This is a treasure for sure! I love all that you expressed about what this moment means to you. Thanks for sharing this!

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