Six Word Fridays: Stuff

Sometimes the stuff of the world

Weighs heavy on my burdened soul.

Sometimes that same stuff wrecks plans.

Stuff just gets in the way.

Full to the brim with sabotage?

Not likely, after all it’s stuff.

Stuff that jumbles up thought clarity,

Makes it hard to decipher decisions…

Stuff clutters and can even overrun.

And yet… this life is full.

Full of stuff that others envy –

Stuff that we’ve come to cherish.

Yes, we’d gladly relinquish some stuff,

Set it with the curbside trash.

But some of this stuff here?

This is valuable, rare and precious.

You can’t even buy this stuff

At your chaotic Black Friday sales.

This stuff here is ours forever.

And we are forever thankful, too.

Cause stuff like this is treasured –

And makes each day brand new.

Thanksgiving 2012

 ** shared with Six Word Fridays @My Memory Art

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  1. I love your use of “stuff” and the reminder that stuff is both physical and emotional. And it all impacts us too – I liked that – both for good and bad.

    I LOVE that family photo – what a great picture!


  2. What a gorgeous family! I hear you about ‘stuff’ – the stuff that matters is not for sale.

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