SHS: Hunting through the archives

I had to look through a few previous month’s images to find these never-before-shared treasures. And though I sort of like fresher images, I’m happy to have stumbled upon these gems hiding in Tetra’s archives.

He must’ve known these big “nerd” glasses would be in style… when he picked them out, no one had them. A few weeks later, however, it seemed like the basketball pros found the trend and exploited it.


More accurately, one really cool button on a crazy hat knitted by my daughter to match the hat I’d made for soon-to-arrive Cinco. Look closely, the button has the neatest natural lines etched in its grain.

At the Corn Maze in the Plains, you have to make your own map as you navigate the twists and turns to strategically placed podiums. Corny Halloween trivia is supposed to help, but sometimes instinct works far better for freedom finding missions.

Favorite Fruit
Even if I don’t like chocolate, I had to appreciate a well dressed strawberry.

Be careful when telling a youngster to stop and smell the roses… with an inhallation like this one, he’ll be breathing in pollen and sneezing for the next several minutes!

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  1. Adorable kids! And those chocolate covered strawberries look amazing!

  2. These are all so cute! Love the little flower sniffer!

  3. Great set of photos. Those strawberries are a real work of art . The “inhaler” is the cutest kid – what a great photo.

  4. These are all absolutely perfect for this week’s prompts – fresh or old. Love all the kiddo pictures and I too like a well dressed strawberry.

  5. These are wonderful – no matter when you took them.
    That hat is Freakin’ Awesome!!!

  6. OH MY GOODNESS…your “strong” shot literally has me laughing out loud. That expression! Priceless!

  7. Very enjoyable set. Loved those well dressed strawberries in your favorite fruit shot. Yummo!
    Strong is just so adorable and is the Buttons shot!

  8. Oh, yes, chocolate covered strawberries are the absolute best.
    I adore “strong”. Very cute.
    Great job!

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