Escape {a life span poem of sorts}

For Six Word Fridays [11.9.12]

Mama’s arms were escape in infancy
Soothing solace of snuggling against her
The nourishment of her breast, her caress
Whispers, songs, her breathe against me

In childhood I escaped into books,
Flipping pages and venturing vicariously beyond
Far from the daily humdrum existence
Afforded me between school and home

Enter youth – too cool for rules:
Forging ahead on a path ill-advised
(Escaping social norms, favoring secret deviance)
Yet remembering not to stray far
And welcomed back always at home

Suddenly an adult, I faltered some,
Assumed the escape was higher learning
Found instead, a self made trap
Debt, isolation, and people unworthily trusted

Where is the escape when consumed?

Escape behind the camera (hiding myself)
Preserving life while observing it happen
Forgetting easily, however, to also live – –
To be inside the image’s frame
Actively a part instead of apart.

I relearned the power of prayer
Spoken in agony, sent in thoughts
Escape, though, coming only in faith
Otherwise doubt continues holding me prisoner
“Let go, Let God,” I’m reminded – –
A bumper sticker on passing car.
He hears me always, I’m assured.

Escape with assurance that life improves,
And relish in the love provided:
Parents, siblings, cousins, grands, aunts, uncles…
Especially, in those blessings called kids
(who say, unprompted, in wee hours:
“Mommy, I love you for always”
Melting your heart, giving you strength.)

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  1. This is just beautiful. I love how the notion of escape shifts as we go through stages and ages…then we get to live it all again with our children!!

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