When I’m gone…

When I’m gone, I’m worth more
More, it seems, than being here
Tally up the hours of absence
you’ll see — there’s great value there
Certainly when I’m here I’m not
anything special to anyone in particular
Funny to place a monetary value
on presence. Here or not, unnoticed…
Little recognition for efforts made daily
Expendable and easily replaced (I’m sure)
No concern over how deeply caring
(compassion doen’t always count around here)
It’s numbers, grades, and passing percentages
that warrant recognition in this situation.
What’s right, never black and white.
Instead, we make do with grey.
Ethics and expectations aren’t tangible enough
(results for these lessons of life
display in success beyond these walls)
What is pristine in its presentation
is my worth is increased exponentially
when I simply cease to be…

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