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Months have passed, and I’ve not done much more than stare at the inspired images of other people’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday efforts. Blame it on being a newlywed, or a new mother to four (rather than two) kids, or, as is the more popular choice, blame it on the newness of this great expectation that will premiere in late November/early December. But alas, I am trying to be back even if only for the moment…

Sunset (Paper Heart Camera Theme)

From our “honeymoon with children” at Myrtle Beach, where we found the beach to be our own paradise as the sun began to set each night.


Grigio makes an occasional appearance here. With a desire to smile, a craving for cuddling, and an affinity for bouncing (kind of like Tigger, I suppose), he’s probably as cute as they come. At least that’s what we think. I also thought about sweets for this one… and have made the candy trip to satisfy that photographic urge.

Hanging Around

Funny Face

She’s becoming a pretty serious swimmer… but how she holds her concentration never fails to elicit laughs.

And since I live with several slightly-caricatured family members, thought I’d share a glimpse into our crew’s real personalities.


In the space of a few seconds, she cuts through the air. Gravity pulls her deep into the blue waters, but she feels weightless as she travels. It’s interesting to see her continued carefree explorations into swimming while I sit stuck on the water’s edge (incapable of swimming, unable to experience such freedom).

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  1. These are all great, Rachelle! Love your dog and the pool shots, such fun!

  2. What fun shots – great to have you back!

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