Six Word Fridays: Savings

Been thinkin’ a lot about savings
How the coffer is empty now.
Like always, it seems, we’re overextended.
I’d love to be saving somethin’
for a rainy day… Heck, today!
But “money doesn’t grow on trees,”
And if it does, where’s mine?
Seems I forgot my planting seeds.
Can’t grow – can’t sow – without preparation.
I’ll save what there is abundant:
love; laughter; time (I’ll make it.)
We may not be wealthy folk,
But we’re so richly blessed still.
Covered our seedling hopes with prayer,
and watered them with faith.
In days to come, it’s ample.
(Our harvest? Bountiful .) Save all else –
We’ve got ambition to keep pushin.’
And that’s sometimes all we need.


edited with KK's " Phoebe" texture

Inspired by Six Word Friday‘s “savings”

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  1. Love the lines here, inspirational and lovely.

  2. This is perfect and true. Makes me want to say: me too! 🙂

  3. Investing in each other always yields the best returns.

  4. Absolutely Wonderful photo and some great words to think upon.

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