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I inadvertently parted ways with Cam this past week due to an unfortunate lapse of memory of where I’d hidden him for “safe keeping.” I missed him terribly and countless times I thought “that’d make a great picture” and the Droid just couldn’t due capturing it justice. So for the hunt this week I thought I’d return to my late fall photos and polish those I loved but just hadn’t shared.

Mainly One Color
monotone man

Around the Home

tea time

edited using KK's "fall in" and "phoebe" textures

I wish my home were elegant – – a place where steaming drinks are served in dainty China tea cups from a matching pot. But alas, I’ve yet to get a tea set of my own and those I’ve ogled over were a little too fancy for my wallet. This little gem was part of my great grandmother’s China set passed down to my mother.

reflected sculpt
Before Chi decided there was far too much nudity in the National Art Gallery, she posed with a few statues. She has since deemed the collections obscene and has vowed never to return.

laura's self portrait
This isn’t quite writing, but I’d not shown off Chi’s portrait project. She had to apply with a portfolio to join art club this year, which was converted to “by invitation only” to ensure serious artists were members. It took awhile for Chi to get to this point in her efforts. Initially, she’d quickly drafted a figure that bore little resemblance to her and certainly didn’t display her true talent as an artist. I insisted she work from a photo and the resulting portrait was pretty spectacular.

silouhette deep

I miss having time to shoot. My daily walks with Ya were incredibly fulfilling. Darkness, however, is working against me. And weekends are filled with family outings, cooking at home, and other activities that have kept me away from photography. This will change, I assure you, from here on out. Photography is my relief, my outlet, my passion.

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  1. That last shot is awesome!

  2. What a cute take on reflection! She is a talented artist! I love that last shot with the sunflare…lovely!

  3. Seriously love them all and what a cute blog!!

  4. What a wonderful set of photos….and the editing is just perfect. Great job!

  5. Magnificent Water photo!

  6. This is a amazing set of photos…and Chi’s portrait is awesome..the eyes are great.

  7. Wonderful shots! What a great way to show reflection.

  8. such a great set this week – love the water shot

  9. Wow, wonderful set. You rocked the reflection theme, incredible!

  10. wow…beautiful work! I’m glad you sorted through your fall photos and shared these! Your daughter is really talented (and adorable!). My fave’s gotta be your ‘water’ photo, though…stunning!

  11. I like all of your pictures but I must confess that my heart is particularly drawn to the the reflection shot with Chi. I like how you composed it with a close up on the left, it made the connection more powerful for me. Nice!

  12. First I do hope that by now you’ve discover “Cam” and it’s hiding spot.
    Second..these are Fabulous.
    Loved the Reflection photo. To bad she has vowed to never return as she is probably missing out on some really great art work.
    Wonderful Water Shot
    Unique Interpretation of the Writing prompt – I like it very much. Hope she continues to pursue her talent.
    My favorite though is the Mainly One Color – This is so interesting and has such great textural appeal.

  13. OH my goodness….TOTALLY lovin’ your “reflection” capture. AND…totally lovin’ that girl of yours!!!! What a prize you’ve got there 🙂


  14. Love your reflection and water shots. Don’t all little boys love to play in puddles. I do too and I’m not a boy.:)

  15. Oh and that first shot is great!

  16. I can’t decide which shot I love more…the last two definitely. Incredible work.

  17. That last shot is super fantastic. I love how the water looks.. so pretty.

    And wow, your girl has serious talent!

  18. I love the picture of your daughter posing like the statuary – wonderful!

  19. I’ve just come over from Texture Tuesday. You have wonderful photos here and I love your texture processing!

  20. How well you have captured the children. Your daughter is adorable! Hope you find that Cam soon!

  21. Beautiful photos !

  22. Amazing and beautiful photography; love the tea cup – very special processing; and, the photos of the posing with statues and water are fabulous. extremely well done. thank you, kareninkenai (TT)

  23. I love the little tea cup. Better that you have one special one to enjoy. I think your daughter shows a lot of talent, very nice portrait and I love her posing. The last shot of your son with the sun sparkling on the water is fabulous.

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