Scavenger Hunt Sunday: space & ‘scapes

Totally skipped last week’s hunt — so many things going on and so little motivation to make it happen. For shame my morose mood.

old barn along our path
The Color Wheel: Complementary/Triadic Color (Exploring with a Camera prompt)
Kat‘s second installment of color talks about finding aesthetically pleasing combinations in our world. She shared the following three visuals:
I’ve been having a bit of fun enjoying the lush colors of the season and decided to share a few of my “natural” finds.


globe topiary bloom


triad variation

Black and White (Paper Heart Camera prompt)
door diva
An abandoned post office served as a great industrial backdrop for my little diva’s boot shoot. Yes, she insisted on documenting her first “real choice” in shoe-wardrobe. And yes, she really would’ve rather had the pair with the two and a half inch heel and the furry folded cuff. And yes, those are those dreaded leggings that she so despises but that were required should she wear a skirt like the one she picked out.

Oh, and just to prove that she does, sometimes, simply return to the kid of 8y9m she is most often when the camera is not focused on her, here’s baby girl simply being."Chi v:8y9m"
Foodcrab tray display
I probably should’ve ventured into the restaurant to capture this display… but it was late and dark and I really didn’t think the Maître d would’ve appreciated me intruding on dinner service just for a picture. I do sort of like the grainy quality of the image, though.
Blank Space
I admit that I have no idea what “blank space” is supposed to mean here… so I’m taking creative liberty.
space to rest I love the way my eyes rest in the dark spaces of the flower’s seeds and how it is a solitary, lonely bloom surrounded by empty space.
hornet's space
And this one? Well, wouldn’t you give him all the space he needs (before spraying him to oblivion with a long range poison, of course)?

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  1. What wonderful shots. I love your black and white shot and that last one is awesome. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Love the landscape and have to say you have mastered the macro! But your images of your daughter really won me over-she is OWNING those shoes! Sweet portraits of her.

    PS-cant believe you were that close to the Yellow Jacket…makes me want my epipen 😉

    • that darn Macro makes me fearless and foolish. There’s a nest of jackets under the fire hydrant near my parents’ home. A thriving community so busy doing whatever it is that they do that though one or two looked at me, none bothered to venture away from their activities.

  3. They all look really great!

  4. Great shots…love all the flowers!

  5. I have to say I’m liking that black and white. But you also did great with blank space.

  6. Your color wheel shots are just out-of-this-world beautiful… and that little critter you’d want to spray into oblivion? He looked really good in your photo. 🙂

  7. Wow great shots, lovely nature finds for the color wheel prompts.

  8. Beautiful photos. I love all of the nature shots.

  9. Beautiful images. Your macros are wonderful.

  10. AMAZING !!! Love every single of them. Wow.
    Perfect colors and compositions.

  11. Love, love, love every single shot! That caterpillar is so very cool!!

  12. Love the black and white photo. great fun with the color wheel shots!

  13. Love the b&w – such attitude! And your blank space shots are beautiful.

  14. These are all stunning! Love your color series and your landscape! Your little diva is too cute, love the boots, and her smile!

  15. these are so gorgeous!!!

  16. Your photos are truly amazing!! I love all the great macros.

  17. What stunning images!! Your macros are so gorgeous! And I totally relate to your description of your daughter! I have a ten year old and they sound like “two peas in a pod”. Seriously – we have had discussions about not getting the boots with the heels and the furry cuffs (why do they make children’s shoes with heels anyway?) and I have had to make her wear leggings with skirts!!!

  18. I love your whole set! Amazing! Your little diva is so cute and I love that she wanted to document her shoe choice that’s too cute! Great nature photography!

  19. This is a lovely collection! And your header is the best, very fun!

  20. I ADOOOOOORE your black & white shot of your daughter. GORGEOUS!

    I loved your photos I can’t wait to see more. I’m now following along!


  21. I REALLY like both the composition and colors of your first “blank space” capture. But I thoroughly enjoyed seeing, and getting a chuckle, out of your daughter’s photos. The two-sides of a young lady…..I got one going on here in my household too! Makes my head spin sometimes! lol. Great job!


  22. wow…you went above and beyond for color wheel! really well done and processed. That neg space is like a National Geographic shot. Perfect detail of the honeycomb. Love what’s left of the cone flower.
    Your daughter is precious and has great camera presence.

  23. AMAZING shots!

  24. Wow! You have some amazing photos. Love all the flower shots and the bumblebee shot is so pretty. Great job! I’d love if you stopped by my blog ( and linked up to my new linky party “Oh Snap!shots of the Week.” It will be a weekly party. Hope to see you there!

  25. Oh my goodness. I love each and every photo. Can you please just come be my personal paparazzi and make my life look as wonderful as yours does in all these shots?!

  26. The crab legs are so creepy cool. But I just love the last shot!!

  27. WOW – my mouth might be disconnected now after dropping it so far. These photos are spectacular. You really knocked it out of the park!

  28. Well done, I love them all especially the shots of your little girl with all her attitude. Too cute

  29. What great shots! I really love the one of the coneflower…the softness and the texture appeals to me.

  30. I love all your insect shots…my son does too 😀 Great color wheel interpretations!

  31. I always enjoy coming by here, your blog header is just so fun! Great interpretations of all of the themes. Your eye for nature photography is just fantastic. That purple flower/triadic combination is just amazing! I’m so glad you linked these in to Exploring with a Camera this week!

  32. exquisite shots! love the joyous colors! Your bugs are amazing! Little diva is adorable!

  33. Stunning shots, such beautiful captures.

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