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Texture Tuesday

The challenge: use two of KK textures with any image

MY Chi

The kids are getting ready to take school photos. I always try to get them nicely groomed before they sit for the quickie picture, but haven’t purchased fall photos in several years. I figure that when they’re both famous, it’s the yearbook pictures that everyone flocks to for display. And we all know that the one time my kid looks a little more unkempt than an active kid ought is the time the photo will be viral. So even though I have no intention of buying anything, I make extra effort to have the kids ready for a close-up. Chi has already picked out a portrait she wants to give out to her friends and we’ve had the photo turned into wallets at my favorite printer. Ya doesn’t share photos yet, but his Daddy wanted pictures for the family, so I picked out a nice portrait we’d done for that.

These pictures, however, were just for fun. Chi was channeling her Star Wars diva and Ya was sporting his first mama-did-it do, and “Iro” (aka frohawk). Ya’s photo was processed with “ugg love” and “start” and Chi’s with “the ladder.”

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  1. They are both styling and profiling!

  2. These are way better than any school picture. I don’t plan to buy them either! No matter how great I thought I looked going into a picture, it never turned out as I imagined.

  3. They re so cute! I love how the textures look on these shots, too.

  4. These are lovely! I bet these photos would look great up on your wall 🙂

  5. Both images are terrific. They are going to love these in years to come.

  6. You are so fortunate to have such sweet models for your photography. Chi is so beautiful and Ya has ‘personality’ popping out all over. You did a wonderful job of capturing them both. The editing is perfect.

  7. Oh my, they could not possibly be any cuter. Love their outfits too. Great job mom. You are just incredible!!!

  8. Haha…I think you are in for trouble with that little guy! That look on his face, priceless!


  9. Love the photos. What great captures and the textures make a fantastic addition. Beautiful children.

  10. Wow! Your photos capture their personalities so much better than school photos would!

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