Six Word Fridays: connect

Seeking anonymity, I devise a psuedonym.
Coding my identity in deep façade.
Each connection made while incognito, false.
Nothing meaningful when begun with lies.
Or is it secret shelter, protection?
Hiding this person to preserve her.
Fearing dangers lurking in electronic contacts.
Who might you be in reality?
Coding yourself in html fantastical fiction.
If we were to connect beyond
cyber situations, would we find commonality?
Or, would this online solidarity be
victim to disconnect when we log
off the line and into life?

{shared with Six Word Fridays}

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  1. Nicely written ~ and penetrating! Love “log off the line and into life”!!

  2. “logg off the line and into life” – love it! So true what you say about not really knowing those you connect with online. For the most part, it’s a community of trust. I’ve enjoyed meeting people online and sometimes have had the pleasure to meet them in real life too.

    Perhaps though…you don’t need to find that face-to-face commonality if what you seek can be fulfilled through online friendships. Even if you do so in anonymity. *shrug* Just a thought. 🙂

  3. this cloak of your own devising might be shed at will. revealing your true self to someone in real life if you so choose.

  4. Love this. I have been fortunate to connect with some great people online ….it’s a great community 🙂

  5. Provocative question! I would hope that offline meetings would strengthen online connections.

  6. It’s something I struggle with everyday – are the people I meet online just like those I meet in real life? Trust-worthy? Honest? True to their persona?

  7. You have beautifully articulated these thoughts that we all share at one time or other. I love the way you string words together.


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