Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Get Low

Hunting is getting a bit more difficult now that school is in session…

old phone
It’s a working phone… though it’s not mine.

Low Key
Air and Space Ya (low key)It was raining last weekend when I took the kids into the city. The plan was to go to the American Indian Museum, but apparently, if you don’t take the L’Enfant Plaza stop on Metro, it’s not nearby (read: I couldn’t find it despite the straight line of Smithsonian museums). We ended up climbing the 100 or so stairs to the National Art Gallery (the accessible entrance is all the way around the building, not on the Mall side). Chi decided the museum was inappropriately naked, so we left after seeing only one floor.

We made a quick stop for lunch at a street vendor just as the first drops of rain began pelting us. Our umbrellas have apparently fallen ill – – one flipped inside out and broke, the other is separating the fabric from the armature. We fleed toward the Metro entrance, but since it was so early in the day, it felt like a waste to head all the way home. Then I saw the Air and Space Museum. It’s changed a lot since the field trip I took there in my school years. Now, it has entire interactive exhibits for children and the learning is much more hands on and much less reading to discover.

Initially, I thought of scarfing down food… but pictures of people eating is a little uncouth. Chi enjoys any excuse to play in my scarves, so we set up this quick portrait.

Monochromatic or Analogous Color (Exploring with Camera prompt)
I really thought I had this one nailed… but apparently, I remembered “color wheel” and found a plethora of complementary color rich photos. Bummer.
So, I was going through the shots from last week’s Metro ride and found this shot. Ya is still in love with trains and there was something about these tracks that spoke to me. I think it was the repetitious nature of the carefully placed boards. Maybe it was rocks nestled inside each rail. Or, maybe, it was the subtle color variations I saw.

tied up in...circles
Saw this “Little Guy Tie” online while looking at RTS nights on Facebook. I’d been stalking Studio412 Boutique for some time trying to get ahold of one of these cute ties. Ya loves it. He calls it his dress up thing.
This self portrait concept seems to be falling to the wayside lately. If I do get my camera out, it’s for a determined purpose and only very briefly. Suddenly there’s just no time to pursue my passion – – work got in the way.

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  1. Oh I LOVE these photos!! Very creative! You are a great photographer. Would Love for you to link this post up at my photo swap going on right now!

  2. Well of course you nailed it this week…I love the entire collection but that last shot is really adorable. Love it!

  3. Great shots everyone…love the scarf shot and the tie shot is too cute!!

  4. oh my gosh..that scarf photo is to die for…and so the little guy in Circles…great set..and that phone is car-a-zy!

  5. Great collection!! I can’t decide which is my favorite…maybe the last one.

  6. Gorgeous! I love them all, but my favorites are Scarf and Circles. Such expression on each face~love, love, love them!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! Your photos of the children are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!

  8. Gorgeous pictures! LOVE them.

  9. Your children are so beautiful. I could look at them all day long : ) Not to sound like a creepy crazy person or anything ; ).
    LOVE that circle tie. And those delicious eyes. Of all your babies!

  10. I love the entire collection, but the sweet face on circles just made my day.

  11. Ohhh, LOVE, love the photos. The scarf was my all time fav. Well, that and the tie. well, wait. maybe the monochromatic…whatever. loved them all!

  12. Beautiful work my dear, beautiful

  13. Great stuff. Love them all. Circles and scarf the most, but love them all.

  14. Complementary color is coming! I promise! I love the peaceful nature of your monochromatic image. I think the color choice along with the lines and repetition work well. Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

  15. These are well done!!! Love them all!

  16. These are amazing!!!! Such a wonderful set of photos!!!!

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