Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Street Memories

{I’ve decided to skip the explanations this week and let my interpretations speak for themselves.}

Street Photography

From a Distance (Paper Heart Camera prompt)
sunday at the park
learning the role

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  1. Your Street Photography and Liquid shots? LOVE!! Especially the Liquid pic. I really, really love it!

  2. From behind is my favorite, it’s always fun to see what everybody comes up with.

  3. Your bike shot is brilliant! Love the processing on it! I used to live in China and this is ALL we had, so…this photo takes me back 🙂 Thanks!!!

  4. Lovin’ your street photography shot! Interesting take using the bikes, and I love the repeating patterns. Your “behind” capture is just priceless. Great job!

  5. I love the bikes! They are awesome! The behind shot is great, what a great moment to capture!

  6. Such great shots as always, do like that Behind shot though :O)

  7. Very nice! I especially like your street, Sunday, and liquid.

  8. What a great set – I really do love them all…but especially love behind and from a distance. Great work!

  9. Your images speak well, though I enjoy your words too. Today I love the way you interpreted Sunday and your street photog is great. I’m a sucker for bicycles.

  10. Each shot I would think THIS is my favorite….until I saw the next. This is a great collection. And I am staying clear of the dude with the liquid. Look at that face–he means business! Too cute!

  11. Love the street photography and how the first tire is just a bit flat. And the Behind shot is just precious!

  12. Love the bike tires! And the lawn mowing duo 😀 Such a cute shot and the processing is perfect!

  13. love them! awesome!!

  14. and they do speak very well.

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