Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Abstraction

I was thinking about using a series of photos of Ya smiling… I mean his uninhibited smile is infectious…
And then there is Chi’s beautiful and ever-changing smile – with the odd combination of baby and adult teeth, gaps where tooth fairy has been awarded treasure, and her sometimes lip-gloss colored lips. It belays her personality at this moment in time. smiler

But then I started editing the photos of the early stages of Irene passing through our area and I came across a series of the kids stomping in puddles. We’d been cooped up in the house waiting for the hurricane to ravage the area for hours. The kids were restless. And so, we found our coats and covered our heads from the rain and headed outside. The streets were empty – – of people, of most of the vehicles, of animals. It was eery. It was also ideal for kicking up water and stamping feet. We loved it.make ya smile

I wish there were also a photo of my surprise when the gusty winds killed the umbrella and I was soaked instantly by the rain. That would surely make someone smile…

I’ll never, ever forget those dreadful stairs… in fact, I still have abnormal heart palpitations whenever I pass metal staircases. Stairs are just not something I want to be near.
stairs of construct
My workplace is currently under renovations. Add to the efforts damage from the earthquake, and you have one massive mess to make presentable come school’s opening on Tuesday. Yes, I said Tuesday We’ve got quite a few of these stairs of construction (destruction?) there right now… and none of them are conjuring thoughts of climbing a corporate ladder to greater success.

after storm clouds
After the rain and winds of Saturday’s battle with Irene, the skies looked amazing. Deep blue color interspersed with fluffy white and dismal grey clouds to create a magically beautiful sky painting.


I know some people are a bit squeamish when it comes to bugs, but around here bug hunts and captures (photographic, of course) are commonplace. As always, as long as they are outside of my home or my car and not on my person, I’m cool with living in harmony. The next few pictures are of our insect neighbors. I’ve been privy to a lot of portraits with our weird weather of late. You’ve been warned.
This friendly Mantis lives at the prison-turned-art-collective. He was wandering up the wooden doors that blocked an industrial trash container. I wasn’t bug hunting when I happened upon him. In fact, it was Chi who noticed him. She refused to pose for a portrait in the location I had scouted because Mantis and a moth (that was certainly his intended dinner) were present. Mantis didn’t like us being there to interrupt him, so he initially froze before deciding that if he walked really slow, he could move away. He pointed his longest toe on each gracefully long leg (arm?) as he moved.
point of the toe

dragon abstract
Found this little dragon without the hunt! He was waiting for me in front of the garage as the kids and I left for work and school early this morning. I loved the abstract pattern created by the clear and brown styling of the film of his wings. And it was awesome that he sat patiently waiting for me to capture his portrait exactly as I wanted. That’s one fly dragon.

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  1. these are awesome shots…wow on that macro

  2. These are all so fabulous! I love the smiles and especially the puddle jumping. The macro is amazing. So close and sharp! Really great collection of photos!

  3. These ar all stunning! Such amazing colors and great finds! Love your macro shot and smile! Hope you survived Irene with minimal effect!

  4. I love your mantis shot! I find them very fascinating as well, I mean insects in general.

  5. Irene or not – your photos look great this week. I’m really loving the entire set!

  6. Much as I don’t like bugs, I LOVE your shots of the mantis, especially the first one! That one is incredible. =)

    I also really like how you laid out Smiles. =)

  7. I am a fan of your work. The first set is wonderful, full of smiles. I love your macro, I would never take that shot, but you did it nicely.

  8. ooohh…that praying mantis gives me the creeps! *shudder* But he’s awesome!

  9. Great set, fantastic macros!

  10. Love your amazing smile shots….and the bug shots….wow!

  11. That praying mantis shot is amazing. WOW, WOW, WOW!

  12. I love your smile and macro shots. That cloud shot is gorgeous. Awesome job his week.

  13. You make looks bugs pretty. And that is no easy task…


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