Mama’s {sweet} 4th Grade Diva

DIVA chi

Texture Tuesday

Texture Tuesday's theme is LOVE... and do I ever love this little lass. (Edited with two layers of KK's 'Fall In')

She told me today that she’s single:
her relationship fell victim to wandering eyes and cheating heart.
She’s not upset.
Young attraction – but not love.
It lasted ages in elementary romance realms.
She insists it was his cute, round face that made him appealing.
The girl he was caught flirting with?
Not interested.
And she, apparently, is not the lying type.
So boyfriend (who is still dreamy) was dropped like a call.
Unphased, baby girl is moving forward.
She’s only in Fourth Grade, afterall.
No need to be tied down.
[And hey, Mama’s a single gal, too.
So it can’t be all bad.]
Her focus? On school. On her art. On herself.
As it should be.
There’ll be plenty of other boys vyying for attention.
And she, my diva, will be wise enough to choose well.
She’s too valuable a treasure, too great a prize.
There are years of life ahead.
This break up is just one experience to toss into the folder,
and file away.

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  1. Very cool. Nice use of the texture.

  2. She sounds like quite the girl 🙂 Boys are just trouble anyway…lol Great photo!

  3. Oh what a perfect post! Sweet story and adorable photo!

  4. Now that’s cool

  5. Love it all, the image, the texture, and the story behind the image.

  6. Yes, that’s soo true! The photo caught my eye at TT, it’s a really great picture, you’ve captured it all there so well 🙂

    Your words made me remember back in time…you’re clearly a great mum!

  7. That’s a gorgeous photo and a great “attitude pose”!! Love your written version of the conversation – she sounds like my teenager!

  8. Such an amazing photo! And the tale goes so perfectly with the cute attitude pose. ;o)

  9. OK…bad to the bone!! Ha Ha… She’s precious Rachel. Great shot mom.

    Hope you have a great day today♥

  10. Absolutely awesome photo of your sweet little girl. Your edgy edit is outstanding!

  11. She looks like she’s got some diva in her…and she sounds like a pretty smart little lady.

  12. wish i could have been her in 4th grade…

  13. How cute is that? Great shot! 🙂

  14. She is so cute & I do not envy those days that are coming when my girls are talking about boys. I am so happy it has not happened yet 🙂

  15. She is quite the diva – love this shot!

  16. what a great shot! so fun & colorful. I have a post up today about my conversation with my daughter about getting married :S

  17. 🙂 This definitely made me smile. A (sweet) diva in the making.

  18. Love the pose! What a delightful post!

  19. Great TT post!!! I love your daughter’s attitude in the photo, and you’ve used the textures beautifully. She sounds like she’s got a sound head on her shoulders, too… but hang on, the teen years are still ahead ; }

  20. I love that girl’s face and her confident gesture. I wish I had it. Great poem too. Good for her!

  21. She is cool and nice.

  22. She is beautiful! Diva indeed! =)

  23. My first time here and participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday. Oh my she exudes “attitude”! – How funny about the “break-up” my own Granddaughter who is only in 1st Grade said she broke-up with her little crush. I’m sure there will be many more before they reach adulthood.

  24. How funny and so the drama begins. Love the story and the photo is dead on, great processing. Thanks for sharing, I am still smiling 🙂

  25. Awesome pic! Love the expression and sunglasses! Great texture too!

  26. I loved your photo and your words. Both were very beautiful. I want to invite you to participate in two challenges. The first is a texture challenge called I Heart Textures and the second is for photo/poets called A Picture Speaks. I am very impressed by you work. Well done!

  27. Wow, some serious attitude! Great shot!

    Erika B

  28. Your sweetie is adorable. I hope she maintains those smarts to drop those that don’t do “right” by her. 4th grade is not for boys, but for art and school, and mostly herself. If she learns that wisdom now, she’s ahead of so many adults out there. Great shot of your little lady.

  29. Oh, yes, can tell by the “Diva” pose! Go, girl!

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