Texture Tuesday: Back to School

Thomas and his friend

Texture Tuesday

Edited using Kim Klassen's Warmly Cracked and Primmed and Pure PhotoShop Actions Pure Haze set.

The apprehension is beginning to set in.
In just a week, I’ll be returning to my classroom full time.
The students wont be there yet.
My colleagues – those who have stayed with the school – will also be there.
We’ll meet briefly in the hall and share our summer stories in excited bursts.
We’ll carry clean notebooks and new pens into meetings.
We’ll be introduced to the “new kids” and I’ll likely pause a moment to think about my friends who have moved on.
It’s a bittersweet reunion for us teachers.
The deadlines will press us into our separate classrooms.
Planning for a new year of possibilities is always… well, necessary.
I’ll pretend I’m an optimist – my heart certainly is, but my head often protests.
A quince of filled classes awaits.
Personalities of pupils abundant and diverse, each one hidden beneath the back to school masks.
And I’ll persevere through the challenges of the year.
There is always hope that some lesson will be learned – –
even if I become the recipient of the new rule.
The summer quickly leaves, travels to distant lands.
School house doors will creak open soon.
Welcome back.

** about the photo: my friend (and colleague) allowed me the honor of capturing a few portraits of her adorable little man. He’s a bit of a “Thomas the Train” fan right now, and the little carry all is his take around toy. It reminded me of a backpack.

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  1. He is such a cutie. Perfect back to school shot, it does look like a backpack. Have a wonderful new school yr.

  2. Such a sweet photo! Precious!

  3. A great photo. that little man is going to be a charmer! Hope you have a wonderful school year.We’re looking forward to Summer over here..and our holidays are yet to start!

  4. Cutest little boy ever! But I love his carry all! Nice textures as well 🙂

  5. The expression on this little boy’s face is priceless – well done!

  6. Wow, I was ready to comment on your lovely photograph and texture work, however, as a teacher it was, in fact, your composition that stole my heart. Thank You, Rachelle!

  7. This is such a beautiful photo. The texture looks great and the light is beautiful.

  8. You did it again. the picture looks like a portrait painted you are so professional. well done

  9. I love it ~ Beautiful capture and texture work. Have a wonderful school year ~ Rebecca

  10. Beautiful portrait and I love the texture.

  11. Love the photo and the text. great textures. he certainly is a handsome one. you have so many beautiful photos on your blog. have fun in school! cheers

  12. I definitely thought it was a backpack! Handsome little man, and great texturizing :-).

  13. Love the texture! Great photo!

  14. What a fabulous shot. I love the use of the textures, added just enough character to the photo…not that that little guy needed any extra character to be added. Great editing and shooting.

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