Six Word Fridays: Unexpected Present

I walked briskly along the path
Ignoring the intricacies of the landscape
Little time spent in reflective pause
Every plant of foot already determined
The traveler’s road expanded endlessly ahead,
Expansive ground covered stretched abundantly behind
I thought little of the journey,
and dwelt, instead, on reaching goals
Untold treasures I passed by unknowingly
So focused on future, presently oblivious
But then, unexpectedly, I stumbled, fell.
And in my shock I looked –
saw around me once-missed beauty
I realized then that I’d missed
too much in hurrying toward future
So I’ve decided to enjoy moments
to discover gifts of being present.
unexpected blur

*shared with Six Words Friday @ Melissa Camara Wilkins‘ Blog.

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  1. you hit the nail, right there.
    being present is always the challenge.
    my struggle with that is constant…

  2. I applaud you for your goal to stay in the moment. I hope you enjoy each of those moments.

  3. So good to be present…so easy to dwell on the past on worry about the future…when today is what we need to focus on. Nicely done!

  4. First of all, great title! Really enjoyed this – such a vital pursuit, living fully in the moment. Interesting that it often takes being tripped up or knocked over in life to awaken us to the need. This just captured me ~ drew me in and had me nodding and smiling! Great post!

  5. Love the action in that shot!! It really looks like he’s running towards me.

  6. Maintaining the balance between reaching your destination and enjoying the journey to it can be tricky. A fall, or other momentous event, usually serves to bring everything into perspective and change your focus.

  7. Beautifully said- beautiful post. It is so difficult to remember to be present sometimes with a million things pulling our attention- but those little “nothing” moments are the ones we will miss the most when they are gone. And turn out to be the most important.

  8. Some days I’m in the present.
    Others… I’m looking somewhere else entirely.
    Always it’s a work in progress… 😉

  9. Yours is an important reminder that while looking ahead is important so too is enjoying the here and now. Thanks for that reminder!

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