Six Word Fridays: Speak

Speak now or forever hold …” Silence
I’ve found peace in this conversation
without hearing your voice at all.

In this, my communication with ghosts –
the cupids who thought rightly aimed,
but found the arrow’s flight fallible.

What unspoken sentiments could have guided
the quiver to its mark intended?
Now, words are better left unsaid.

fly away
Shared with Six Word Fridays hosted by Melissa.

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  1. Sometimes silence speaks of peace.

  2. Sometimes silence speaks volumes. Great picture!

  3. yes, silence is the better option a lot of the times. 🙂

  4. Sometimes silence speaks volumes. I love the picture!

  5. This lovely poem is so well constructed! Your images are concrete and I love the metaphor of Cupid. Very touching. Thanks for this one.


  6. Some words truly are better left unsaid. Gorgeous picture!

  7. We shared a line in our posts today :o) But my favorite from your’s…”but found the arrows flight fallible” hmmmmmm

  8. I agree with La Queshia. What a line. This whole poem has me thinking about love lost. I’m a big believer in silence these days. In fact, my day had way too many heated words for my taste. I hope there’s a little silence in my near future.

  9. Unspoken sentiments are sometimes the most powerful

  10. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wish I’d remained silent rather than allowing my words to let loose. There are some statements (accusations? gossip?) you just can’t take back.

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