Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Simply random

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items: Seeing Double/Two, Whatever, Sweet, Space and Bright

Seeing Double
The goal of this shot was to create a picture with the family name in it. The shadow Ya? Bonus.
I need to preface this by saying that I abhor just about everything about chocolate – the smell, the taste, the way it melts on skin. But I couldn’t resist taking the free “tour” at Angell & Phelps while we were in Daytona Beach, Florida.
Fancy Mint Creme
Live-narration tours run daily from 10 a.m.-4 p.m., but the best way to photograph the candy making process is between tours or in the early morning when the crowds aren’t there.
Chocolate Chips

There is something so interesting about the displays in a gift shop.
All those bright colors highlighted by the florescent lighting of the store is appealing.
Mosaic Mug
Everything just screamed buy photograph me.

I sort of thought this was a joke theme… I mean, really? Do I just stick in whatever? Do I find a photo that screams “What-ev-er” with the w symbol and Clueless-style twang?
I really don’t know…
grasshoper lover
So I decided to post a few of the photo set from my Museum of Natural History excursion this past week. And, as has become my niche of late, it was all about the bugs…
walking stick bug
Think whatever you want 🙂

Oh, and the walking stick bugger? He’s my “little thing” beautified just a bit with Kim Klassen‘s Water Stained Frame.
Look really closely, and you’ll realize that the space being occupied here is by more than just a few leaves. And this butterfly? Totally spaced-out eyes, man. Totally!

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  1. How I love you work! But you don’t like chocolate? You are the first woman EVER that I heard say that. Still, i love your work.

  2. Double~so sweet! Love the way he is holding his hands! Melts on skin? My chocolate doesn’t have time to melt! Great shot of the factory!

  3. Fabulous photos, love the top one. One of our bosses brought us some chocolate back from the USA once and none of us could eat it, it was terrible! I do like good chocolate though… a lot :O)

  4. Great set, I loved what you wrote about Whatever, made me laugh, but that grasshopper? is fantastic! Love your chocolate shot, I must admit I’ve started disliking milk chocolate, just too sweet, but I still love dark chocolate.
    Thanks for popping by and leaving a lovely comment @ Chasing Rainbows.

  5. Loved every single one of these and I wouldn’t mind one of those fancy mint cremes.

  6. The chocolate looks so good in your sweet photo! 😉
    Love the snow-globes picture as well!

  7. Love all of your shots!!! But the standout for me is the first in Whatever….oh the details!!!

  8. Beautiful!!! Seeing Double is my favorite!

  9. Every one of your photos are awesome.. WOW!!

  10. Love the whatever shots!

  11. That butterfly shot is captivating I love it! (:
    Also, Allie and I are hosting a giveaway/ photo challenge on my blog this week and would love it if you would enter:


  12. WOW. Every photo is spectacular. You’re a really gifted photographer!

  13. great bug shots!

  14. What a great set Rachelle – I’m loving your shadow shot in the beginning. He’s such a great muse!

  15. ahahha your mix of valley girl and blazed dude commentary cracked me up! I love it. Fabulous photos. I think I like your whatevers the most… but it is so hard to pick just one or two from such a stunning set!

  16. Gorgeous photos! The bugs were amazing and yet a bit creepy! LOL!

  17. Kay Rhodes says:

    Love your “Seeing Double”

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