Scavenger Hunt Sunday: She was framed


Don't Blink

When I saw this theme at the beginning of the year, I took it literal. I sought out my mother’s button jar and set out to capture it. This time around, I considered the buttons on the house alarm key pad, the cell phone buttons (gasp: touch screen), an elevator’s buttons. Nah. Always hoping for some new inspiration or interpretation, I thought I’d seek out something this time that suggested some sort of button. I decided, finally, that this little butterfly’s eyes from this angle look like geometric-designed buttons with fuzzy bases. {Photographed with my 60mm Macro lens inside the butterfly habitat of the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, Washington, DC.}

Against the Light
illuminate Ya
I admit it… I have no idea… I just like the lighting in this picture…

Frame within a frame
We tried a few things with this one… a fun challenge to do something different.looking out
When I teach composition to my journalism students, we always carry out an empty frame. It’s my visual example of the camera’s view of a scene. Whatever you fit in the frame must tell the story. Then, in camera, crop out what’s not important. It works great for photojournalism shots… not so much for portraits that have to have empty space for actual framing. (Of course, Chi decided the frame was too confining… so she had to break out of it.)
bustin' free I kind of like this picture in picture tactic. We’ll have to try this again when it’s not raining outside (and with matte photo paper to avoid glare).

Best part of your day
In the moment when the bickering stops and the two I call mine are totally into enjoying one another’s company, I find the best part of my day.

third eye
A third eye for added intuition power…

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  1. Wow!!! These are are ahhhhh-mazing. Love the last one (Ink) that is my favorite. But honestly, all of the are phenomenal. Great job.

  2. oh my gosh, these photos are beautiful.. love them all, but the first one, WOW!

  3. All of your shots are fantastic. That “button” shot is incredible and the third eye shot just made me smile. Gotta love that expression!

  4. I love your Frame Within a Frame shots and that last one! =)

  5. haha, love that third eye! All of these pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Those ‘framed’ shots are brilliant, and I just love the ‘ink’ one, such a great expression!

  7. That is a great shot of the butterfly! I aspire to be able to capture such detail.

  8. Lovely photos all !!!!!! Have a nice sunday !

  9. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. Really like your images, especially the play with frames. I also think the sweet moment of the “two you call yours” is a lovely image. Against the light-as long as the light is good, it always makes the photo…no exception here.

  10. A beautiful set. How nice you have willing models! I’d have to pay my kids these days, haha. I really enjoy your photography and use of b/w…gorgeous.


  11. Look at this set! It is so great…love that last frame within a frame shot. How’d you do that again? And I love your first two shots too!

    • It was supposed to be her holding a photo of herself… couldn’t line up the photo right to get it exactly as I wanted. Need to experiment with sizes of the print she holds, too. 8*10 is too large, so is 6*8. I ended up overlaying the image of the portrait using PhotoShop because of glare on the photo of the actual picture…. will certainly be trying this again.

  12. Love the third eye. You have great ideas and interpretations.

  13. Love the perspective as well as the third eye. great shots!


  14. oh those frame shots are adorable, inspiring and oh so creative!

  15. my comment might come up twice – not sure if I accidentally deleted the last one. I love all of your interpretations. I really like your take on Buttons. and I love the photo of your daughter holding up a photo. What a fantastic, and a bit silly, idea! Wouldnt it be so fun to have a whole family do this as their family portrait – no need to worry about one person blinking!

  16. Every time, every single time. You leave me speachless. Yu can come over for a bowl of perfect cereal any time 😉

  17. So many fantastic shots!! Love your interpretation of buttons, so unique!

  18. Great collection…love the against the light shot

  19. wow, your photos are just amazing, and i really mean it. the best part of the day is sensational, just divine, and all the others are brilliant. i haven’t looked at the rest of your blog yet, but certainly will have a good look now, i love the crispness of your pictures, amongst other things. and finally, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments. the frame within the frame picture was indeed taken using a mirror, it was a bit tricky but we got there eventually!!

  20. your photos are very pretty!!! specially the one with the girl and the frame. she’s so beautiful! great week!

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