Scavenger Hunt Sunday: The ultimate excuse

In progress…

This is one of those days when the student makes the teacher a bit angry… Teacher? I did not finish my homework… But I have a really good excuse.

… You see, I had done the whole assignment – – shot for all five pictures, I assure you. But yesterday, I was kidnapped by my mom. She insisted that I join her to watch Dorado try her paws at Lure Coursing. I was told we’d leave in the morning, drive the hour and a half distance west, stay for a bit watching the competition, and by 2 p.m., Doh would be coursing.

I went to the CHAMP event knowing I’d be home in time for supper and would have all evening with Tetra (my external drive) to assemble my captures and shrink them for my blog. I’d even have time to write something genius about each picture. I knew I’d have plenty of time. My procrastination was not to be my downfall. I am, you see, a good student.

Alas, somewhere around 1:30 p.m., I fell asleep in the sun with Ya. We’d been given a tent to cover us from the harsh sun and had a blanket lain out under it. And at just past 5 p.m., I awoke to see the glaring rays boring into my face as the sun settled on the horizon and the moon took center stage. The cars and trailers that had been around me when I lay down next to Ya to get him to nap were fewer. The howling dogs were quieter than they’d been all day. And the coursers were retiring to their pens, cages, and owners’ arms after a good day of runs.

Doh ran her course sometime around 6:20 – – and I was shocked and elated that she actually chased the lure. Mom was ecstatic. Her dog did a great job. For five minutes, she was a star!

We packed up then, and set off to home. But the kids hadn’t eaten much since breakfast (though my darling social butterfly acquired cookies, fruit, sandwiches, and such from a well-prepared and sweet woman whose dogs were also coursing). I couldn’t let the kids go hungry, so we stopped for a late dinner. The waitress was slow. The drinks took 20 minutes and the appetizer, longer. The kids ate slowly, tuckered out from a long day but famished still. The fries were salty. The manager replaced them. We ate. We waited for leftover boxes. We waited for the check. We waited again for the credit card’s return.

It was after 9 by the time we returned to Mom’s house. The kids begged to stay the night. I obliged the request and settled in. And so, dear teacher, I don’t have my post ready today. At least not right now… but if you will give me an extension, I’ll have it soon. I promise. It’ll never happen again.

Thank you, “Two and a Half Men“… Gee-om-eh-tree
Gee, I’m A Tree. Get it? And I’ll add frog… because that’s what he was pretending he was. (Hehehe.)

Brushstrokes (ACoLab theme August 20)
Nature's Brush
The stroke of a brush coaxes little fluttering hitchhikers off of visitors to the Butterflies + Plants: Partners in Evolution Butterfly Pavilion at the Smithsonian. And like the artist’s brush paints on canvas, it’s as though nature has painted the wings of these flying art pieces.

Hanging by a thread
bungee corded
So it’s a thick thread and it has her hung up from reaching her goal…

rock wall
She’s not afraid of heights like her mama at all

On the dotted line

to be continued…

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  1. That is a beautiful butterfly. Hey, I only got one shot done last week, to my embarrassment. Can’t wait to see your continuation.

  2. That brushstrokes picture is amazing 😀

  3. The brushstokes is so beautiful. Nice work!

  4. Brushstrokes is spectacular! So is the “Gee I’m a Tree” collage. 🙂

  5. Very creative story…way better than my dog ate my homework. Nonetheless, I love everything I see here. You did great!

  6. Love the hanging by a thread shot and your geometry shots. Very clever!

  7. These are so great…and creative, Rachelle! LOVE that take on the thread.

  8. gorgeous pictures! Love your interpretations! 🙂

  9. Love them all. Even the dotted line. I mean there are three dots in the question marks right?

  10. Those are some lucky kiddo’s! Looks like they are loving life! Great captures and memories!

  11. Wow, brushstrokes is just amazing! So Beautiful!

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