Show Off: Determined focus

Cool Running
I was feeling a little tired of vibrantly colored beach photos… so I thought I’d toy with Black and White (and chocolate, too) for a bit.

Tomorrow, though, in my attempts to inundate the blog with a record of our annual vacation journey, there’ll be ample sunset-colored pictures to make me wish I was still hanging out on the beach. Or to make people wonder if the ubiquitous sand is going to be a daily feature. Oh why did I have to be so very click happy? {Cough, cough – don’t answer that.}

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  1. That tongue! I love it. Running through surf and sand is hard work! =>

  2. Here’s adorable! Love the shot! Can’t wait to see all those fun sunset colored pictures! πŸ™‚

  3. Way too much rain for our summer so far, so envious!

  4. his face is so adorable! I have a feeling he keeps you quite entertained!

  5. This is SO adorable. I love the determination… tongue sticking out and everything. That’s what my brother always used to do. Anytime he was concentrating on anything out came the tongue… haha..

  6. That tongue is hilarious although when I’m concentrating, I do pretty much the same thing.

  7. wow, that is such an adorable shot! I love it!

  8. love his tongue!! my middle guy loves to run – we call him DASH from the incredibles…

  9. LOL, the tongue really shows the determination, too sweet!!

  10. Love this shot and the shade of black and white you chose! Love the little toungue sticking out of his mouth – too cute!

  11. This is priceless!! You’ve captured the moment so well; the black and white adds so much to the photo too πŸ™‚ It’d look great framed!

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