Sand in our pants

Our vacation to Daytona Beach seemed like such a silly venture. I mean, we have Virginia Beach just two hours away, so why travel more than 10 hours (by car) on 95 South to go to the beach?

And the beach itself?

One of my students joked about the sand, the awful sand, prior to our school year ending, saying:

“Years later, we’re still finding sand. It’s memories in case you couldn’t afford to buy souvenirs.”

She was right.

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Sure enough… we’re still shaking sand out of our clothing and beach stuff.

But the sandy shores of Daytona didn’t resemble those of VA Beach. The sand was soft and ground into an easily packed fine powder that took to moisture well and radiated its own inner heat.

(Ouch, my poor bare feet…)

The consensus was that this beach – this tourist’s oasis – was just the kind of vacation spot we needed.
Sand hole makers
Though our efforts to build castles in the sand turned into mush (literally), the kids enjoyed the opportunity to build moats. That’s where they shined! Building big, sit in and cool off size ditches along the shore, which cover quickly with the displaced sand so as not to harm unsuspecting beach walkers after we’ve let the area.
catch it
For the low, low price of $25-30, beach tools are readily available at the novelty gift shops… and we could’ve probably used the smaller square molding tools those kits provided. I suppose that a drive further from the shore (say, to Wally-M or some such super store) would’ve lessened the expense. If we venture to the beach again, though, we’ll simply bring along those plastic containers that come with the sandwich meat. They’re of comparable size and we’ve got lots. And cookie cutters. The dollar store sells cookie cutters all year long that’d probably be perfect for decorating this imaginary castle I’m picturing.
Sand Racer
If we return, man oh man, will we create a masterpiece!

Several things create havoc for the camera in this element: sand, water, and heat. I kept my camera outside the hotel (on the balcony) or next to a sunlit window for at least 20 minutes before attempting to shoot outside. It saved me from many a foggy photo. Although… that can sometimes have a stellar effect (remember “seeing double”?). As for the sand? I brought a can of air usually used for computers. And the water? Well…

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  1. These are gorgeous photos! Oh, I could go for a day at the beach…. make that two. πŸ™‚

  2. who doesn’t love a great beach – I say it’s totally worth the drive πŸ™‚ and how smart of you to pack canned air?? i never would have thought of that!!

  3. Such fun photos – and thanks for the tips on using our cameras in the summer heat…or rather beach. I hadn’t thought to bring a can of air but that’s a great idea.

  4. Great photos! I’d take a day on any beach, any day! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the canned air tip!!

  5. what sweet photos! LOVE the last one! i NEED to go to a beach soon!

  6. looks like you all had a blast!

  7. Ooh, I love your beach vay-cay pictures!

  8. these are precious photos. i love all of them.

    I saw your blog from wordish wednesday and making a quick visit. I hope you can visit my blog too. If you can please enter my low entry giveaways.

  9. Love the pictures of the little one running with his floaters on!

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