REVIEW: dENiZEN jeans by Levi

I was super excited when dENiZEN contacted me with an opportunity to preview their new line of jeans. I received my review pair of dENiZEN late last week and was surprised to see that they’re made by Levi Strauss & Company. Levi’s? Wow.

Now, because I asked the company to provide the jeans in Chi’s size, I was a little worried about the fit.

My diva is petite. Read that: rail thin waist with muscular arms and legs. She’s by no means tall, but she does have stately legs. Unfortunately, this means she can still fit her jeans of yesteryear if she doesn’t mind exposed ankles. If I were a crafty-type sewing mom, we’d just tack on some lace or fabric and make the high waters into fashion-forward — or retro fashion-reversed — faux bell-bottoms. Alas, I am inept at needle and thread and sewing machine work.

The dENiZEN pair arrived in a dark denim shade with slight worn-fading stripes at the upper thighs (as is the fashion). A large dENiZEN patch sits on the rear right edge of the pants. The traditional Levi rivets decorate the pockets – there’s even the secondary mini pocket (for a key? chap stick?) in one. Heavy gold-colored threading finishes the style well.
And here’s why I liked the dENiZEN jeans: adjustable waistband. Hello!
dENiZEN (skate park)
Years ago during her sixth birthday party, Chi had on a pair of jeans closed with a belt to keep them from sliding off her slender hips. She waited a tad too long before venturing to the bathroom, and found herself doing the potty dance while trying to get the belt loose. Belts are no longer in her wardrobe staple. So thank you, dENiZEN, for thinking of her by allowing me to cinch her slacks at the waist without a belt.
dENiZEN duo
Having just run around doing the ceremonial school wardrobe window shopping trip (Chi points out what styles and colors she likes and I price hunt to try to get something appeasing), I was again appalled by the lack of fabric provided to little girl’s clothes. Chi is eight. She isn’t going to school in mini skirts, low-rise jeans, tank tops, or low cut shirts. They’re not appropriate and they’re banned at her elementary school. But these wardrobe choices are what are featured on the shelves, in the advertising posters, and on the mannequins. Uggh.

dENiZEN fit exactly as I’d expect a pair of child’s jeans to fit: at the mid waist where the average tee hangs. Our pair is the Slim Boot cut style, and she likes them.
dENiZEN diva

dENiZEN is exclusive to Target stores and range from $17.99 to $29.99 – a price I don’t mind paying for the quality and features provided. I’m getting a few pairs for my weekend wardrobe. My only qualm? Ya needs a pair and they don’t yet have toddler sizes.
dENiZEN montage
Want to know the details? Visit dENiZEN America on Facebook.

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