{Sweet} Play and Buggin Visits

The end of the summer met with play dates – planned rendezvous with friends.
Water worker Jack
It was warm enough when we did Jack’s portraits for us to return to the house for a fun afternoon of water play. Sprinkler, mini pool, and buckets entertained the boys for some time. There was water everywhere.wrapped up

And then he showed up… I suppose he wanted a Popsicle. Maybe he was just curious about the flurry of activity outside. Either way, he was uninvited.
buggin visitor

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  1. Really great shots of the boys. You really captured the moment, the squeal with the hose and the chattering teeth. And the bug – no comment – great shot but it gives me the creepy crawlies – just no comment. šŸ˜‰

  2. Beautiful submission for this weeks’ TT. I came across a Robber Fly recently too and posted pics on my blog. They are strange looking insects and I’d never seen one before.

    • I’m so glad you named the visitor. I told Kea that someone would know what it was as soon as I posted his portrait! He’s nothing like the crane fly I found, or the dragon fly I obsess over. Yet, I think I sort of like his fuzzy face.

  3. Fabulous capture of the little boy in orange towel. Love the water drops and his ‘look’!

  4. Rachelle!

    What fun shots. Love that water hose, (made me thirsty!), your son all wrapped up in orange, and that BUG!! What kind of lens did you use? and what is your favorite lens. You take incredible pictures!

    Hope you have a blessed day!

    • this was with my Macro lens… I ran into the house to switch lenses just for the little bug. It’s a 60mm. The other pictures were taken with a telephoto lens (25-75mm I think).

  5. amazing photo of the fly who stopped by!

  6. Great shots of the boys! Is that bug a wasp? Look alien like…

  7. That fly is incredible. Awesome shot!

  8. Your pictures are wonderful. I glossed over the bug, it gives me the creeps!

  9. I love both these shots the little boy is wonderful oh his eyes are gorgeous and that nasty fly ook but the texture works so well with that

  10. Your bug photo makes me want to run out and get a macro lens! it is just amazing!

  11. wow! That bug is crazy! Amazing shot!

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