{sweet} Boogie Boardin’ Babe

Merchants don’t divulge their biggest secret to savings to the unknowing tourists. Pick up any tourist center’s brochure, and there are an abundance of buy one get one, super savings, and free coupons for all the shops on the Daytona Beach strip. But I was lazy and didn’t visit the hotel’s sight seeing concierge until well into our week there.

And so, we spent a good deal of time envying the boogie boarding families of their holdings. Chi envied the fun it appeared the wave riders were having and I was mentally snapping photos as the frothy waves splashed up around them and their boards cut through.

When I realized that I could commandeer a board for the bargain price of $5.99 (with coupon only), Chi and I raced to the store. She picked out a shark-infested board in bold blue and yellow colors – starkly contrasting her hot pink swimsuit.

And then, they waited in the tide for the perfect wave.

7.19 boardin (4)

Call me chicken, or call me cheap, but I was leery of joining her in the water with my camera. It’s not waterproof and it doesn’t like sand. I stood ankle deep in water snapping a few shots of her initial efforts.
7.19 boardin (2)

7.19 boardin (3)

And though I really liked my catches (and hers), I wanted something more. So I affixed a plastic bag around my camera body and turned it so that the lens could peak out of the opening. Oh the shocked stares I got. It was not unlike those I get at our pool when I wade into the water holding my prized possession to get a better vantage point.

7.19 boardin (1)

No one can tell me it wasn’t worth it.

After she missed the first few wave peaks, she figured out what to look for. She knew the precise moment to let go and coast. And she looked good surfing across the tide. She was fearless.

7.19 boardin (5)

She’s simply amazing, and I want to share that with anyone who’ll pause long enough to look at my pictures.
**shared with Sweet Shot Tuesday

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  1. How fun – and what a great idea with the plastic bag!

  2. she is truly amazing and so are you 🙂 a plastic bag!? lol 🙂 that’s boldness. but you’re right it was worth it, the pictures are awesome. it looks so much fun! make me want to boogie boarding too!!

  3. oh, that almost looks like fun!! Wish I was fearless! 🙂

  4. I really wish I lived closer to a beach!

  5. You are so creative! Love it.

    She’s such a doll, Rachelle. I truly adore the colors in these photos!

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