“Terrible two” too late

I don’t know what to do.
Chi was an amazing two year old. But at three? She lost her mind.
Ya, well he idolizes his big sister.
And so, he’s decided that three will be his year to go insane in the membrane or, more likely, further my insanity.

yadon faces

Sure, he’s a cutie. I think that’s why we keep him.
But his behavior of late is atrocious.

In the restaurant, he’s hollering. He’s running around tables. He’s swapping sides by crawling under the table. He’s refusing to eat only to go home and (at bed time) throw a fit because he’s starved.

In the store, he’s demanding everything he sees. Oh, those toy packaging designers have their stuff together. And if I succumb to buying some small pacifier? He no longer wants that, he wants that.

In the nail salon, he develops a serenade of “Mom, let’s get outta here.” He retrieves my shoes and demands I put them on. He spits. Yes, spits on the floor. He tries to run out of the building. And then he steps on my foot and smudges every toe I spent $22 I didn’t budget on but felt like splurging with. I hadn’t even made it to the car.

He wakes up whiny and goes to bed the same.

He hits. His sister. Me.

He’s afraid to be alone. He’s clingy.

Oma says he needs a schedule. My laissez faire summer attitude is causing his dysfunction and behavioral deterioration. She’s probably right. She raised three kids to adulthood. She even managed not to lose her hair or her sanity in the process.

What’s a mommy to do?

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  1. Lisa Julia says:

    Squeeeealllll! Your blog looks wonderful and the kids are STUNNING…they take after their Mommy!!! So glad you messaged me. I hope you are all doing well!!!

  2. Time for a lot of parenting it seems. He is cute but you got to take care of while he’s young I guess.

  3. but he’s so ccute.

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