Tender Heads, Hard Heads

My children’s greatest fear…
It’s not monsters in the closet.
It’s not creepy alleyways or darkened corners.
It’s not Brussel sprouts or veggies (they love those, actually).
It’s not school or homework.
It’s [insert the Psycho track here] a comb!


What’s a mother to do? Ya has to have his hair brushed if he grows it out. And yet he flees everytime I raise the brush near his head. (It’s a great kid repellant, let me tell you). So I decided to get it cut. The first time, it was a scissor cut high top. I loved it, Dad did not. Days later, Dad shaved my baby’s head. I was shocked (actually cried crocodile tears… though I’ve never seen a croc cry). The next cut (months later) was for picture day and PopPop took Ya. Great cut, cooperative kid. Since then, however, Mommy’s been relegated to barbershop duty.

Question: How many lollipops does it take to complete a haircut?

getting trimmedhaircut (2)

Answer: One in the mouth, two in the hands, two in the sister’s hands (for helping, of course).

after cut

I know, after the torturous grooming trip, he’s all smiles. It’s a good thing God made him cute and the poor barber patient.

And what of darling Chi?

She’s already revoked my styling privileges, so…


…this is what you get. A bustling personality from an unkempt Afro rocking loon. (I say that with love, of course.)
7.8 (171)7.8 (fishy)

No barbers here, but the poor stylist has to deal with tears and sniffles and begging for the restroom from beginning to end.


The end is so sweet, though.

**shared with Sweet Shot Tuesday

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  1. What a fun post! Combs are a terror here too. We have curly headed people here and tangles are a daily occurance. I love the after shot of your little man…what a doll! Your daughter is sweet with her new do too!

  2. Oh, how fun. And what a great idea for your adorable son!! I really enjoyed this one. Amazing shots mom.

    Hope your day is blessed!

  3. great pictures. I’m sure they will appreciate their summer styles here in the next few weeks even if they hated the process of getting there

  4. I was that way as a tot, too…b/c of all the stringy tangles. 🙂

    They both have the most mesmerizing eyes. Gorgeous!

  5. Your children are GORGEOUS and you take gorgeous pictures of them!

  6. Your pics really tell the story. Both of them are so adorable and the lollypop idea is a great one!

  7. designer says:

    Is that the secret to making them sit still?? Mine are okay with the comb – they shriek like little girls when they see me pull out the buzzer.

    I do all the haircuts around here. Good times.

    I love love love the afro on your daughter. She is such a beauty, but I bet the braids are much cooler for the summer heat.

    Great shots.


  8. Great captures of so many wonderful expressions! Adorable kids!

  9. Gorgeous kids, gorgeous pictures… so understand the running from combs and brushes!! I have been tempted to buzz my girls’ heads!! 🙂 visiting from #SweetShotTuesday

  10. love the fro.

  11. Love your daughters hair. She looks like a free spirit.
    Girls, can do so much with their hair compare to boys.

    I am surprise you had a lady cut your sons hair.
    Did your son move around a lot so you didn’t let her give him a hairline?
    Or did you just want to show the baby hair?

    • Actually, his father doesn’t like the edging. He believes it leads to premature balding and messed up hairlines… I’m indifferent, but I have to keep the peace.

      We tried a male, Black barber and he didn’t fair well… he was so precise and particular that the cut took a longer time than my son’s patience would tolerate. The poor barber was so frustrated that I saw it in his face that the only real tip he wanted was for us to never return 🙁

  12. Omg, I love this post & can certainly relate to the comb fear from my youth!


  1. […] times, however, the cut just didn’t look polished without it. So I let them finish the style with lollipop bribes holding Ya impatiently in […]

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